Recertification by Continuing Education: Infection Prevention Units (IPUs) Criteria Chart

To all 2020 recertifying candidates: Due to COVID-19, the portfolio submission date has been extended to January 31, 2021.


Recertification by Continuing Education, hereby referred to as Infection Prevention Units (IPUs), can be achieved through a variety of ways every 5 years by earning a minimum of 40 units/points from the projects or activities outlined below, covering at least six domains. Domains refers to the eight categories of the examination:

  1. Identification of Infectious Disease Processes
  2. Surveillance and Epidemiologic Investigation
  3. Preventing/Controlling the Transmission of Infectious Agents
  4. Employee/Occupational Health
  5. Management and Communication
  6. Education and Research
  7. Environment of Care
  8. Cleaning, Sterilization, Disinfection, Asepsis

Download a PDF version of the chart here.

*Please note that CEUs/CNEs earned in an activity may not be equivalent to the same number of IPUs (i.e. national conferences only earn 10 IPUs even if the conference credits a number of CEUs above or below 10). Please also keep in mind that partial credits are not acceptable for IPUs. Please refer to the chart below to see how many IPUs can be claimed for each activity before submitting your portfolio.




Description of Activity

Number of Infection Prevention Units (IPUs)

Maximum Number of IPUs

Examples of Participating Providers


Required Documentation

Online, paper, or live format education

Complete offerings from an accredited or approved source that provide continuing education credits specific to the domains that are at minimum one hour in length

1 IPU per activity hour (no partial credit)

No max

APIC, CDC, SHEA, IDSA, IPAC Canada, Public Health Ontario

Certificate of completion/attendance

Organizational education offerings (includes multi-day or single day activities)

Attending education offerings provided by accredited or approved organizations, such as in-person workshops, local chapter conferences, and multi-day educational activities

10 IPUs per completed education offering

No max

APIC, IPAC Canada, SHEA, State Hospital Associations, IDSA, SEHA, Department of Health – Abu Dhabi

Certificate of attendance/completion

National or International conferences

Attendance at national or international infection prevention and control conferences

10 IPUs per conference

No max


Certificate of attendance


Other related conferences with infection prevention sessions that are not specifically infection prevention and control centric

1 IPU per session hour

No max


Academic education

Enrolled in accredited programs that offer specific education that would advance the profession of infection prevention and control

10 IPUs per program completion


2 IPUs per year of enrollment

10 IPUs max

Certification in statistics, MPH, MSN, project management

Copy of completed program or course unofficial transcript, with institution name visible


Copy of diploma, with institution name visible


Verification document

Contains your name, the name of the college or institution, the name of course or program, the date and semester course or program was completed, a brief description, and the instructor signature


Published in a peer reviewed journal covering topics specific to infection prevention and control.

5 IPUs per publication

No max


Copy of article, guidelines, prevention guide, or other publication, ensuring your participation as author or co-author, title of written work, date of publication, and a subject synopsis is visible

Authoring/co-Authoring evidence-based guidelines, prevention guides, or similar publication related to the field of infection prevention and control.

5 IPUs per publication

No max

CDC, IHI, professional organization, APIC prevention guide


Speaking at chapter, state, national, and international conferences.


Delivering a webinar with a primary focus on infection prevention and control.



2 IPUs per one hour of presentation time (no partial credit)


No max

APIC chapter, IPAC chapter, State HAI conference, IPAC Canada, APIC, SHEA, IFIC



Letter or verification from conference organizer on official organization letterhead

Contains your name, the name of the webinar or presentation, the date of the webinar or presentation, and a synopsis of webinar or presentation focus


Copy of brochure/flyer/conference schedule indicating name of presenter, date/time presented and presentation

Presenting a poster at a national or international conference on a topic related to infection prevention and control

2 IPUs per poster presentation






No max


Primary author of an abstract presentation at a national or international conference


1 IPU per abstract

No max


Participation in a professional organization

Participate on a local, state, national, or international level as a committee member or in a position of voluntary leadership 

5 IPUs per term per role

No max

County, state, national, or international health Committees, APIC/SHEA /IPAC/IFIC committee or board member

Appointment letter on letterhead of organization or Board (separate letter for each role held)

Contains your name, your role held, the dates of term, and the signature from committee chair or organization leader/chapter President

Elected position on a Board

5 IPUs per term per role

No max



Teaching specific topics related to infection prevention and control for an accredited institution

1 IPU per hour of instruction

Max of 5 IPUs per recertification period

Nursing school, public health program, etc.

Copy of course or class syllabus outlining infection prevention teaching


Verification letter (separate letter for each course or class)

Contains your name, the dates of course, the number of hours of instruction, the name of accredited institution, and the Signature from institution contact (e.g. chancellor, professor, academic dean, President, etc.)


Involved in an approved local facility IRB, State, or federally funded research activity that is specific to advancing the profession of infection prevention and control (e.g. listed as a principal member of the investigational team)

5 IPUs per research activity

No max


A report ensuring your participation in the research and a subject synopsis is visible


Verification letter

Contains your name, the dates of participation, your role in the research (e.g., writer, investigator, etc.), and the source of funding

**A maximum number of IPUs is imposed on two of the IPUs categories – academic education and teaching – to ensure that all candidates are exposed to and participate in a diverse range of activities and knowledge base during their recertification period.