Practice Exam Instructions

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Go to

Close out of the pop-up window. When the below screen appears, sign in or create a log-in by clicking “Register Now.”

You can skip the “Prometric Testing ID” box. Select Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology for the Test Provider or Program and enter your Last Name. Click “Continue.”

Create a username and password. The password must be at least 8 characters long and contain at least one capital letter, number, and symbol. Select question from the dropdown menu and fill in the answer. Then create your own question and fill in the answer. Select “Continue.”

Fill in the fields marked with an asterisk*. Select “Continue.”

Read the Privacy Notice, check the “I AGREE” box, and click “Continue.”

Close out of the initial pop-up box again. Log in using the credentials you just created.

Hover over “Candidate” on the top left then select “Take Test.”

Click the “Take” button next to “Take Test.”

Under “Sponsor” make sure “Certification Board-Infection ControlEpidemiology” is selected and select “Submit.”

A list of available exams will appear; select “Take Test.”

The Confirmation Test Selection screen will appear; confirm selection, then select “Take This Test.”

If applicable, enter Promotion Code or Voucher number, then select “Continue.” If not applicable, select “Continue.

Enter Payment details, then select “Submit.”

Select “Begin Test” when you are ready to start.

The Following screens will appear as you progress through & complete the test.