The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC) endorses the concept of voluntary, periodic certification for all infection prevention and control professionals meeting educational and practice requirements.

The purpose of the certification process is to protect the public by:

  • Providing standardized measurement of current basic knowledge needed for persons practicing infection prevention and control.
  • Encouraging individual growth and study, thereby promoting professionalism among infection prevention and control professionals.
  • Formally recognizing infection prevention and control professionals who fulfill the requirements for certification.

About the Exam

The infection control certification examination is the standardized measure of the basic knowledge, skills and abilities expected of professionals working in the field of infection prevention and control. The initial certification examination is offered five to seven days a week at testing centers throughout the United States, Canada, and at international sites around the world. The initial certification exam is available in English and Canadian French.

The initial certification exam is an objective, multiple-choice examination consisting of 150 questions with 135 of these questions being used in computing the score. Click to read more!

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Eligibility Requirements

Professionals in infection prevention and control must meet the eligibility requirements and pass the computer-based initial certification examination to become CIC© certified. Certification in infection prevention and control is valid for five years from the year of successful examination.

Successful certification indicates competence in the practice of infection prevention and control and healthcare epidemiology, and is intended for individuals who are actively accountable for the infection prevention and control program within their current position. Click below to see the full list of eligibility requirements to sit for the initial certification examination.

Eligibility Requirements


Initial Certification Application

To sit for the intial certification exam a candidate must submit an application that can be completed online or submitted via mail.  If you prefer a paper application, you will need to print out and send the completed form with all necessary attachments to the CBIC headquarters.


555 East Wells Street

Suite 1100

Milwaukee, WI, 53202

Initial Certification Application

Exam and Certification FAQ

Find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about the certification, recertification and the exam, click below.

Exam and Certification FAQ

Exam Content Outline

The CBIC exam has 8 core competencies.

Going over the outline is helpful to understand what your strengths and weaknesses are before creating a study plan.

Exam Content Outline

Exam Prep Resources

CBIC offers on-demand webinars for the 8 core competencies of the examination and the online practice exam. Both materials can be purchased through the CBIC website below. Other materials that may have the CBIC name or acronym on them, but are not sold on the CBIC website, are not produced by CBIC. Please note that CBIC neither recommends nor endorses any study materials for the CIC® examination. If you would like to verify whether or not a resource is produced by CBIC please email us at info@cbic.org. The purchase and review of the on-demand webinars or online practice exam do not guarantee success on the examination.