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President's Welcome Message

An Exciting Time for Infection Prevention and Control

As I look back over a decade of Infection Prevention and Control (IPC), I’m amazed at how much it has changed and morphed over the years. This truly is an exciting time to be in a profession that continues to gain momentum while striving to ensure patient and public safety at the highest level. As the 2019 President of CBIC I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of this journey!

I would like to thank Joann Andrews for her leadership in 2018. During her presidency, a clear framework emerged for where CBIC needs to go in the near and long term future. Joann will assume the role of direct past president and Director for 2019.

Already in 2019, CBIC has completed the redesign of our website, offering many navigational improvements, and a brand new bold design. We hope that seasoned CIC® as well as those just entering the field will find these changes helpful in pursuing and maintaining the CIC®.

2019 and Beyond

As we plan for this coming year, we hope to see you at the annual APIC conference and the joint conference between IFIC and IPAC. Please plan to visit the CBIC booth at these events. 

In 2019, we will continue to evaluate how certification is developed and delivered. In addition to strengthening existing partnerships with professional societies and organizations, we will partner with new societies and organizations to help advance the mission and vision of CBIC.

Together as we advance infection prevention, it is clear that the demand for certification continues to grow as a necessity for health and safety. Several states have taken steps to consider legislation that requires certification for IPC, health systems are now requiring certification as a condition of hire, and there is increased interest from international candidates to pursue certification. For these reasons, CBIC is strategically approaching 2019 with a renewed commitment to upholding the vision of the organization and establishing new horizons for the future.

I look forward to updating you all throughout 2019 on CBIC’s strategic decisions. It’s going to be an exciting year for all of us!


With much gratitude,

Roy Boukidjian, MSN, PHN, CIC, NE-BC

2019 CBIC President


CBIC President Articles - Prevention Strategist

International Infection Prevention Week (IIPW)

This takes place the third week of October each year, and raises awareness of the role infection prevention plays to improve safety.

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APIC 2019

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