Official CIC® Merchandise

Official Merchandise

In order to purchase CIC® products, including a replacement certificate, you will need to be certified and have a username and password. Please follow the link to order. https://cbic.execinc.com/edibo/Products

Online Practice Exam 

The only study material sponsored by CBIC is the online Practice Examination available through the CBIC website at www.cbic.org. The online Practice Examination is a 70-question computer-based test that approximates the content, cognitive levels, and difficulty of the CBT. Due to technical platform restrictions, the CBIC Practice Exam does not deliver a score report to the candidate after the exam is finished; rather, there will only be a pass/fail indicator. The CBIC Practice Exam is intended to familiarize candidates with the computer-based testing experience, and not as a content review. To study for the exam, CBIC recommends reviewing the 2014 Exam Content Outline in conjunction with the list of primary and secondary references found in our Candidate Handbook.

Please note: Good performance in this practice examination does not guarantee that candidates will pass the CIC exam.
Please note: Upon purchasing the exam, you will need to take it and complete it right away.


For more information and for purchasing the CBIC Practice Examination please click here.


Would you like brochures on Certification to hand out at your Chapter meetings? Please contact us at info@cbic.org or call 414-918-9796 and we will be happy to send some to you.

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