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Apply now to the 2018 Test Committee

The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. is currently seeking applications for non-Board members to fill open positions on the two Test Committee subcommittees: Item Writing Committee and Item Review Committee. This is a 2-year term that begins January 1, 2018 and ends December 31, 2019.

To be considered for the Test Committee, you must be currently certified (CIC®), and have successfully taken both the proctored initial certification examination and the online recertification examination (formerly known as the SARE) at some point during your certification. Finalists will also be asked to submit sample exam questions that they have composed.

The ideal candidate will be an energetic individual and only those currently board certified (CIC®) may apply. Interested individuals should fill out the Show of Interest form and forward it along with their resume or CV via postal mail, fax, or email to:

Pamela Ronnei, Senior Program Manager
555 E. Wells Street, Suite 1100
Milwaukee, WI  53202-3823

Phone: 414.918.9796
Fax: 414.276.3349

 The deadline for receipt of the form and resume or CV is September 15, 2017

Test Committee Description
The Test Committee is an integral part of CBIC and, as such, requires a significant time commitment on the part of its members. Please apply only if your schedule allows you to participate in all activities described below.

CBIC’s certification program is accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA). NCCA accreditation signifies that CBIC has met the highest national voluntary standards for private certification.

The Test Committee serves as content experts and directs and coordinates with the testing company all activities related to the development of the proctored initial certification examination as well as the recertification examination. As an item (question) writer or reviewer, you are expected to have experience in infection prevention and control that reflects the current content outline for the CIC® examination.

Test Committee members are not eligible to take the examination until two years after their term has ended. If these individuals are due to recertify at any point during this time, they will be granted an extension to maintain CIC® status until two years after their Test Committee term is completed. For example, if you are due to recertify in 2018 and your Test Committee appointment is until December 31, 2019, you will need to recertify in 2022.

Participants are not eligible to endorse, assist, or participate in any educational endeavor which has as its primary purpose the preparation of individuals for passing the certification examination during the years that they serve on the Test Committee and for two years following the end of this term.

Members of the Test Committee who are involved in general infection control education programs must request that advertisement for such programs not include reference to the fact that the participant is involved with the development of the certification examination and that there be no reference to CBIC involvement in their introduction.

Members of the Test Committee are allowed to apply for a second term; however, reappointment is not guaranteed.

Test Committee Responsibilities

  • Participate in a two-hour online Test Committee Orientation Webinar in early 2018.
  • Be available to meet at least one (1) and up to two (2) times per year for examination item writing or item review; additional meetings may be scheduled as determined by the Chair. Meetings of the Test Committee typically occur over weekends, with travel required on a Thursday and meeting on Friday and Saturday.  Meetings usually include two full days of at least 8 hours of work per day. Travel expenses are covered by CBIC.
  • Participate in initial examination form review, revision and review of items, new item development, and/or proofing of examination forms. This translates to an average of about 4 hours of volunteer work per month, in addition to meeting times. Some years and some months have a heavier workload than others.

Click Here for a full description of the Test Committee.