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If you are interested in presenting more information on how and why to become certified click here to be taken to the available PowerPoint presentations that can be used at state and regional meetings. Need more info? Contact the CBIC Office at (414) 918-9796 or via email at

Objectives of Certification

The Certification Board of Infection Control and Epidemiology, Inc. (CBIC) endorses the concept of voluntary, periodic certification for all infection prevention and control professionals meeting educational and practice requirements.

The purpose of the certification process is to protect the public by:

  1. Providing standardized measurement of current basic knowledge needed for persons practicing infection prevention and control.
  2. Encouraging individual growth and study, thereby promoting professionalism among infection prevention and control professionals.
  3. Formally recognizing infection prevention and control professionals who fulfill the requirements for certification.

Eligibility Requirements for Initial Certification (and for Lapsed Certificants)

Professionals in infection prevention and control must meet the eligibility requirements and pass the computer-based initial certification examination to become certified. Certification in infection prevention and control is valid for five years from the year of successful examination.

Successful certification indicates competence in the actual practice of infection prevention and control and healthcare epidemiology, and is intended for individuals who are actively accountable for the infection prevention and control program within their current position.

In order to qualify to sit for your initial certification, you must apply to take the initial certification examination. In order to be eligible to take the initial certification exam, you must meet ALL of the following requirements:

You are accountable for the infection prevention and control activities/program in your setting and this is reflected in your current job description.


You have a post-secondary degree (e.g. associates’* or baccalaureate degree) from an accredited academic facility.


You have had sufficient experience (recommended: two years) in infection prevention and control which includes all three (3) of the following:

  1. Identification of infectious disease processes
  2. Surveillance and epidemiologic investigation
  3. Preventing and controlling the transmission of infectious agents

And at least two (2) of the remaining five (5) components:

  1. Employee/occupational health
  2. Management and communication
  3. Education and research
  4. Environment of care
  5. Cleaning, sterilization, disinfection, and asepsis

*Equivalent to Canadian two- or three-year diploma from an accredited academic facility

Candidates will be required to submit the following documentation with their application:

  • Attestation Statement (completed, signed and dated by supervisor)
  • Proof of Degree
  • CV/Resume
  • Official Job Description

There is no specific time requirement that defines “sufficient experience;” however we emphasize that this certification examination is geared toward the professional who has had at least two years of full-time experience in infection prevention and control.

Please click here if you'd like the examination content outline.

Please click here if you'd like the references for the initial certification examination and the recertification examination.

Information for Candidates and Stakeholders

Infection Preventionists that are interested in learning more about certification or are interested in becoming certified, along with current CIC® certificants interested in recertification, can find information on certification activities in the CBIC e-newsletters or by contacting the CBIC Office at (414) 918-9796 or